Office of Undergraduate Studies

There are four ways to reach us for assistance:

1. Visit our office at University Center A (UCA), Room 3400.

2. Email us your questions or concerns at

3. Call us at (850)644-2451

4. Set up a Zoom meeting by emailing

A3400 University Center
Phone: 850.644.2451
Fax: 850.644.6723

The Office of Undergraduate Studies serves as the academic dean's office for all students who have not yet been formally admitted to their majors. The office provides information and services on all academic matters, including course exemptions based on incoming credit, evaluation of General Education courses from other institutions, AA degree evaluations, academic standing, (warning, probation, and dismissal) Math/English remediation, medical/mental health course drops and withdrawals, and enrollment in courses at other colleges and universities.  In addition, the office monitors student progress toward being formally admitted to a major and ensures a smooth transition to the student’s graduating dean’s office.

Nikki Raimondi, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Director
Academic Dean for students within the Division of Undergraduate Studies; directs the daily operations of the office.
Ellen Crabtree

Assistant Director
Academic and Student Services

Assistant to the Academic Dean; counsels students on all academic issues.

Christina Pater
Academic Program Specialist
Oversees and supervises the Academic Section; counsels students on academic issues.
Academic Program Specialist
Oversees transfer evaluation for General Education courses and transient course work at other institutions; Evaluates credit for eligibility for an Associate of Arts degree.
Bethany Rojas
Academic Program Specialist
Maintains student records; counsels students on academic issues.
Dedra Swain
Senior Secretary
Handles incoming phone calls, greets students as they enter the office and directs students to appropriate resources; manages student appointments with members of the academic services team.
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