Limited Access Programs

A limited access program utilizes selective admission to limit program enrollment. Limited access status is justified where student demand exceeds available resources (student/faculty ratios, instructional facilities, equipment, or specific accrediting requirements). Criteria for selective admission include indicators of ability, performance, creativity, or talent to complete required work within the program. Admission to such programs is governed by the Articulation Agreement and by the Board of Regents' rules.

For a number of degree programs, access is limited at the upper-division level to those students meeting certain additional criteria. These additional criteria are applied equally to A.A. degree transfers from Florida public community/junior colleges, A.A. degree transfers from other state universities in Florida, and rising juniors at Florida State University.

Limited Access Programs fall into three major categories: Limited Enrollment, Performing and Visual Arts, and Teacher Education Programs.

Limited Enrollment Programs Requiring a Higher Grade Point Average
Admission to these undergraduate degree programs requires a cumulative GPA above the level of 2.0. The specific GPA minimum for each program is determined annually on the basis of student spaces available and the number and quality of applicants for those spaces. For specific requirements for admission to a particular major, the student should go to the department websites. Limited Enrollment Programs at Florida State University include the following:

College of Arts and Sciences (Computer Science and Psychology)
College of Business (all programs)
College of Communication (all programs)
College of Education (Early Childhood Education, Elementary
Education, Emotional Disturbances/Learning Disabilities,
Mental Retardation, Recreation and Leisure Services Administration,
Sports Management, and Visual Disabilities)
College of Social Sciences (Economics)
School of Motion Picture, Television, and Recording Arts
School of Nursing
School of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance (Interior Design, Theatre)
Programs Requiring Audition or Portfolio
Performing and Visual Arts:
Dance (audition required for all majors)
Music (audition required for all majors)
Theatre (audition required for BFA degree program)
Visual Arts (portfolio review for BFA degree program)
Teacher Education Programs
All students planning to pursue a teacher education program at Florida State University must be formally admitted to teacher education. Admission to teacher education is administered by the Dean of the College of Education and assigned to the Office of Academic Services. Application for admission to teacher education is distinct from admissions to an upper-division college or school and is made in the Office of Academic Services, 108 Stone Building. State Board of Education Rule 6A-5.066 and the Florida State University Council on Teacher Education requires that all students seeking admission into undergraduate teacher education programs at Florida State University must meet the following requirements prior to entering the program:

  1. Have at least a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) grade point average (GPA) on all college work attempted;
  2. Have a grade of "C-" or better in each required general education English and each general education mathematics course; and
  3. Take and achieve a passing score on all sections of the Florida CLAST (this requirement cannot be waived or met by alternative means).

Note: There is no longer a required minimum composite score on the ACT or SAT for admission to teacher education. However, programs with limited enrollment status may both require submission of the score and use that score in determining which students will be admitted.

The following curriculum requirements must be completed prior to entry into the degree program (upper-division).

  1. Forty-five (45) semester hours in teacher preparation general education core curriculum. (For specific requirements for admission to a particular major, the student should refer to the academic program sheets provided in this Counseling Manual.)
  2. State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites which include: a) three (3) education core courses of EDF 1005, EDG 2701, and EME 2040; and b) fifteen (15) semester hours of general program prerequisites specified for each degree program (refer to academic program sheets for specific prerequisites). Note: In addition to EDG 2701, students must take six (6) additional hours with an international or diversity focus. These may be satisfied as part of the University multicultural requirement.

Common prerequisites and total program length for state-approved teacher preparation programs are subject to revision based on changes in State Board of Education Rule 6A.5.066,Approval of Preservice Teacher Preparation Programs, as amended August 7, 2000.

The following programs require additional admission materials. Students applying to the programs requiring auditions may wish to apply earlier to maximize audition time options. Go to department websites for current information on application materials & deadlines. Acceptance into all limited-access majors is contingent upon also being admitted to FSU by the Admissions Office. Application deadlines and requirements apply also to students earning an AA while in high school.

Communication: Apply by February 1st for Fall admission and prior to earning 42 credit hours.

Communication Disorders: Apply by March 1st for Fall admission

Education: Apply by March 15th for Fall admission & by October 15th for Spring. Early Childhood Ed. & Sports Management only admit for the Fall. Leisure Services deadlines are July 15th for Fall and November 15th for Spring.

Film: Apply by December 15th for Fall admission. Students should have an SAT of 1200 and/or an ACT Composite of 25 as well as a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Interior Design: Admission includes a portfolio review. Students should consider attending FSU in the summer to take the portfolio-producing courses. Contact the department IMMEDIATELY.

Music: Apply by March 3rd for Fall admission and by October 28th for Spring. Music Theatre (MU) students should apply by October 1st for Fall admission in order to schedule a spring audition.

Nursing: Admission now includes the HESI A2 exam. The test is offered at FSU for $23 during the month before each application deadline. Students should take MAC1105 as part of the first two years. Apply by 2/1 for Fall and 9/1 for Spring admission. Get more information at .

Theatre: Students should apply by October 1st for Fall admission in order to schedule a spring audition. All materials must be completed by January 1st.

Dance: Apply by March 15th for Fall admission.

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