Prelaw and Premed/Pre-health



There is no specific major designed for prelaw students. Law schools want students with majors that teach them how to write, read, speak, and think. Unlike medical school there are no specific courses required as an undergraduate. Prelaw undergraduates should seek a major they are going to enjoy and do well in, that will impress a law school admissions committee, and that will prepare them for the academic demands of law school. Although you can go to law school with any major, popular majors for prelaw students at FSU include Business, Communication Studies, Criminology, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, International Affairs, and other social science majors. Students interested in a law career should visit the Career Center on the first floor of the Dunlap Success Center during their first semester to learn more about services for Pre-Law undergraduates. Additionally, Pre-Law information can be found on the Prelaw Advising website.

Students who select "prelaw" from the Admissions major list will be placed in Exploratory unitl a departmental major is selected.



FSU does not have a major called "premed" or "pre-health." The reason is that graduate/professional programs that prepare health professionals will accept students with any undergraduate major as long as the correct prerequisite courses have been completed and the students have done well in the appropriate entrance exam. Because many of the prerequisie courses are in the sciences, the most commonly selected pre-health majors at FSU are Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Exercise Science. Premed/pre-health students who select other majors need to make sure that they are completing the correct prerequisite courses for their intended medical field in addition to their major coursework.

Students who select "premed" from the Admissions major list will be placed in Biology.

The FSU Medical School provides supplemental pre-health profession advising for all FSU students. In addition to providing one-on-one advising, tget have developed excellent premed and pre-health manuals that you may download from their website, Premed/Pre-health. All students interested in a medical career should become familiar with the resources and services available through the Pre-Health Advising Office. Students should phone or email for an appointment to meet with a pre-health advisor during their first semester on campus.


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